Top 7 places in Kiev 2019

The Ukrainian capital is a modern metropolis with a rich historical heritage, beautiful parks and unusual institutions. «My city Kiev» now we have selected for you the TOP-7 attractions that you should visit.

1. Kiev funicular

The car of the capital’s funicular in a few minutes will transport you from the Postal Square to the St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery. This is not surprising, because the length of its route is only 222 meters. Some perceive the funicular as another type of public transport, and others — as a tourist attraction, to which long queues are lined up on weekends and holidays.

2. Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

In the distant 11th century, a monk Anthony, originally from the town of Lyubech, founded the Pechersk monastery, which eventually turned into a holy place for Orthodox Christians. Since 1990, Laurus is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, which only emphasizes the importance of this object for the world.

3. Motherland — mother

The figure of a woman with a shield and a sword can be seen from different points of Kiev. And no wonder! The total height of the sculpture along with a pedestal is 102 meters, which allowed her to get into the list of the highest statues in the world. At an elevation of 36.6 and 91 meters, observation platforms have been set up, from which a panorama of the Ukrainian capital opens.

4. Singing field

It is better to visit this place in the warm season, when metropolitan landscapers and landscape designers organize flower exhibitions or create unusual compositions. For example, in the spring a tulip festival is held here, and in the fall — chrysanthemums delight with a riot of colors.

5. Monument to the founders of Kiev

Few people know that the symbol of Kiev — “Soaring Lybid” — they wanted to install on the pylon of the Moscow bridge. There were also proposals to place a monument on Independence Square, Postal Square. But still in 1982, the famous «Rook» «settled» in the park to them. Primakov (now — Navodnitsky Park), and from afar it seems that she floats along the Dnieper.

6. Golden Gate

The Ukrainian historian Nikolai Zakrevsky (1805-1871) called the Golden Gate «a precious remnant of the ancient grandeur and glory of Kiev.» Unfortunately, due to historical events, the object could not retain its original appearance to the present day, but the history of its construction and reconstruction can always be found in the museum, which is located inside the restored Golden Gate pavilion.

7. Glass bridge

Pedestrian-bicycle bridge connecting the park «Vladimirskaya Gorka» with the Arch of Friendship of Peoples. Opened in 2019.